30 Day Relationship Revolution Coaching Program Info & Interview Request

The Relationship Revolution Coaching Program accepts participants on a rolling basis. All participants must interview and be accepted to ensure that the program is a good fit for both you the student and us the coaches. Enter your information below and we will contact you to provide more information and schedule an interview. Upcoming Groups Begin March 2017.

RR Coaching Program FAQ's

Please see the below details that will provide more information about our program. FAQ’s are towards the bottom (just scroll down a bit).


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1.What is the Relationship Revolution Coaching Program?
The Relationship Revolution Coaching Program is a 30 day coaching program that consists of 3 options: couples groups, women’s groups and men’s groups. The curriculum establishes baseline prerequisites for relationship success. The small groups (no more than 10 participants) also allow the group to heavily influence the focus of the groups so that all can get personalized attention as well as broad based relationship education. Groups allow an affordable option for people to be able to get the tools, support, accountability, and love needed to enhance, transform and elevate themselves and their relationship.
2.Why did you create the Relationship Revolution Coaching Program?
Simple. We wanted to create an affordable option for people to get personalized and focused support in their relationships while at the same time increasing the number of people we are able to impact. Virtual Coaching Groups are the perfect answer!
3.Can you pay in installments?
Yes.  You can make payments in one payment or in 3 increments prior to the start of the first group.  Your balance must be paid prior to the first group. When checking out you will be given a payment option.
5.Should I participate in both a couples group and same gender group?
You are more than welcome to participate in both groups at the same time.  Each group will focus on it’s own unique experiences in the relationship. However, we encourage you to ensure that you have the time and space available to commit yourself to the 30 day process for both. Personal and relationship development requires a commitment and you want to be certain you can commit to what’s needed.
  1. Will there be other groups in the future?
Yes.  However we can’t guarantee when so it’s best to get the help needed while it’s available.
  1. Will my relationship improve from participating in the group?
Relationship growth is completely up to you.  We along with the group process will give you the tools, accountability, and positive support to help you reach your individual and relationship goals. At the end of the day you must be willing to commit to the process of your own development and do the work.
  1. Will you offer a discount?
No.  Our Relationship Revolution Program is already deeply discounted and to reduce it any further wouldn’t enable us to provide the quality of care & attention you deserve.
  1. Can I participate in the Relationship Revolution Program for another 30 days?
Absolutely.  We encourage you to come on back for round 2,3,4,5 : )  The more you impress your spirit with concrete tools and strategies, support from others and the importance of change… the more likely it is to take place.
  1. What is the profile of the person who is able to participate?
Anyone over the age of 21 who is ready to go to the next level.  All are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate if you’re serious about experiencing change.
You can also contact us in any of the following ways:
phone : 202-599-0234
e-mail : info@bintentional.com