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This Surprise Brought Us To Tears!

Oh what a lesson we’ve been learning this year. We’ve been walking around in an overflowing never ending  state of gratitude and ohhhhh yes….How grateful we are! 
Friends and colleagues of our Lamar & Ronnie Tyler hit us up a little while back and asked if we would like to participate in a webinar to share our story about our oldest son’s journey with sickle cell  and so of course we said yes because any opportunity we get to talk about sickle cell and the miracle of the new baby God blessed us with who will ultimately cure his big brother of the disease once and for all—-we jump at it.


Well, we did share our story but had our minds blown at the same time!  They tricked us! We got such a huge surprise from  Lamar & Ronnie and the folks at Pampers. It was truly amazing… Check out the video…
This was done in partnership with Pampers and their  #BetterforBaby social media campaign that focuses on making life better for babies and calls on social media users to add their own pledges for helping babies.
Now, I wouldn’t be Aiyana if I didn’t take a minute to reflect and shout out the power that keeping  A GRATEFUL STATE OF MIND has! We are beyond amazed and overwhelmed with how being grateful can change your entire existence!
Listen in…

 God’s grace is sufficient! #Grateful!

better for baby fam pic better for baby

Here are some pics from that evening. Those two amazing women in the pic with us are the folks who rang our doorbell and lieterally shocked us with so many things for baby and loads of diapers! Yay!!!!