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Am I Wrong For Wanting To End My Marriage?

Over the years we’ve worked with couples we’ve often seen people come to us with the answer to their question…but lacking the confidence and courage to step out on faith and live in their truth. Every now and then we all need a push…a reminder to make sure that we honor ourselves and stand in our truth…..


I’m a 27 year old mother of 2 who has been in a relationship with my children’s father/husband since I was 15 years old and he was 18. We were married when I was 20 and have struggled with infidelity through out our whole relationship. he has cheated on me twice in the past 2 years, and is in love with the latest mistress. He traveled 6 hours back and forth out of state to have unprotected intercourse, and oral sex with this girl who knew he was married. He used our money, resources, and family time to share with her and I’m truly broken. I’m no angel as I have cheated as well being vengeful in the past but put all those things aside years ago. Ive seen him tell numerous women heloves them and I have filed for divorce. My children have never lived in the home without him andhe‘s a great dad. He stated a few weeks after getting caught that he wants to work it out and save our family but he isn’t terribly apologetic or remorseful, He‘s still hanging out until 1 am with his friends, and very disconnected in the “working it out stage”. I get the feeling that he‘s taking his lawyer’s advise to try to work it out if possible and is not fully on board emotionally. Am I wrong for wanting to back out on working it out ? I’m scared, and damaged, but a bit hopeful for the future without him to actually be happy and rebuild my mental state and self esteem.I know the split will damage my children but I’m so tired of being miserable, and not good enough for this man. When is enough enough, I know he lies with a straight face, so how do I even know when he‘s sincere ? I no longer know this man !