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Are You Afraid To Take Risks In Your Relationship?

One of the biggest things issues that we’ve seen in working with couples is the “Zero Tolerance” phenomenon. At least, that’s what we’ve started calling it—Zero Tolerance for Risk which basically means that that there is zero tolerance for being vulnerable. And, this is really mind blowing because most of us say that we want to be deeply connected to our partner but many of us find it so deeply difficult to do one of the primary things necessary for that kind of connection—and that is to TAKE A RISK AND GET VULNERABLE….

Well, as usual much of what we focus on and share we pull right from our own relationship and so–yes, you guessed it–we’ve been doing some risk taking of our own and we wanted to share some of our story with you today. To give you a little better context….(for those of you who have kept up with us for a while this will be old news but we just want to make sure everyone has the same info. 🙂 ) So, back to it……long story short we have a history that includes betrayal, cheating, broken hearts and broken trust, fighting, making up, fighting some more and on and on…. This was pre-marriage and the first few years of marriage and it was rooough. Much of what we share with you is what we’ve learned from that time as well as throughout our relationship….and soooo to bring you up to speed now one of us just recently shared something with the other person that went down during that time period of our relationship and it was the very first time the other was made aware…..whew!

We’re always learning and growing and struggling and resisting and finally…..surrendering to the process of being in relationship. Listen in and talk back to us….. 😉