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Black Marriage Day 2016 Flashback. Are You Ready For Love?

As we look back over 2016 and take a moment to pause and think on the powerful and oh so amazing  annual Black Marriage Day DC  event……we can’t help but get sentimental warm and fuzzy feelings in our tummies. It was allllll dat yall! We had a great Master Class and a fabulous Signature Date Night at the very nice US Navy Memorial Museum. It was GOOD!

Couples shared. They kept it real and we felt them and were inspired by their courage. We ate good. Had good drinks. Connected with new people and had our marriages elevated soooooo much!

Take a look at the clip and pics below to get a peek at a small piece of 2016’s BMDay and psssst…..stay tuned….

We are hard at work on Black Marriage Day 2017’s event and it will be a very unique and different experience—it is going to be hot!

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Black Marriage Day DC 2016: The Weekend Experience!