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Help! Hubby With No Job & I’m Paying All The Bills!


Finances can definitely cause stress on the relationship. If you know how to communicate effectively with your partner you can minimize the impact of your financial struggle.

Money issues are so troublesome that people who say they’re experiencing stress in their relationship often cite finances as the number one reason —it is one of the top 3 reasons for divorce and can definitely take your marriage to places you never thought you’d visit if a couple is not ever so careful to manage money issues…

Check out the question we received below along with our response and think on the ways that you can stay ahead of money issues (which are often really communication issues) in your relationship…



Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ma’at
Your advise is desperately needed.  I have been married for 4-years, my husband and I are a blended family and have one child together.  My husband has been unemployed for the past 9 months and before that he’s worked off and on doing temp jobs.  Currently I am the sole provider for our family therefore my salary alone is paying ALL the bills and our financial situation is becoming very stressful for me.  Granted I know my husband is looking for work and while he’s home he maintains the house with cooking, cleaning, etc. but I really need him to carry some of this financial weight.

Our financial stress is causes me to become very moody and stand-off-ish, I secretly started drinking alcohol to “calm my nerves” and there are days I don’t even want to come home after work.  I’m trying to become a more spiritual person, I attend church every Sunday and I’m constantly asking God to bless my husband with a job.

If I could tell my husband exactly how I feel it would truly hurt his feelings and I know he’s already feeling some type of way about the situation.  Can you please suggest a productive approach that I can use so that I can get my husband to understand how badly I need his help because all this is starting to affect our intimacy (on my part) and how I view him as a “man”.
Your help is greatly appreciated.