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He’s Controlling Me…Even Though We’re Not Together

The biggest roadblock to our happiness is ourselves. Simply put, we pick people we don’t need to be in relationship with. We stay in relationships we don’t need to stay in. We leave relationships prematurely. All of the decisions we make are based on who we are and how comfortable we feel being the best of us and demanding the best for us.

Straight up– people treat you how you allow them to treat you. And in the case of this young lady, many of us struggle with people who are not even in our lives anymore. We feel bound to them, connected to them and even controlled by them. But, the truth of the matter is that it takes a particular kind of person with particular kinds of issues to be controlled in the first place.

Ouch! That hurts…..we know. But, it’s not judgement. It’s just the truth. When we take an honest look at that truth we can then and only then begin to understand what’s needed to not be that particular kind of person.

Listen in as we share a letter from a viewer who is really struggling with detaching from her partner and making herself her #1 priority.