Meet The Ma’at’s

  • Aiyana Ma’at

    Wife. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Aunt. Healer. Therapist. Teacher. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Funny.  Real. Jokester. Down To Earth. Dynamic….These are all words that have been used to describe Aiyana.

    Aiyana is a Licensed  Psycho-therapist & Clinical Social Worker in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. She is also a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator specializing in couples & family work.

    She firmly believes that relationships are the vehicles we can all use  to grow and evolve.  She is clear that a part of the call on her life is to help bring insight and awareness to others so that they can “get out of their own way” and create the lives and relationships they want and deserve to have. She’s always been turned on by what it takes to overcome inner obstacles and bring out the best in one’s self.

    When Aiyana is not obsessing about how to more effectively help others she can be found kicking back with a glass of wine, cracking jokes and eating crabs while hanging with the loves of her life—the ones that keep her grounded and grateful— her hot husband, Ayize, and their 5 beautiful & brilliant children.

    “Honesty and accountability–these are the 2 big wheels I ride in on when I roll out the issues and the solutions as I see them. Happiness is not complicated. People just make it complicated. If you want to know the bottom line truth–I’m your girl. Let’s do the work.”

    <h2>Aiyana Ma’at</h2>
  • Ayize

    Husband. Father. Brother. Son. Uncle. Philosopher. Entrepreneur. Therapist. Teacher. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Thinker. Real. Laid Back…..These are all words that have been used to describe Ayize.

    Ayize is a certified Functional Family Therapist & Licensed Graduate Social Worker. He is also a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator specializing in couples & family work.

    He has a real passion for helping the world to recognize and understand the power that comes from committing to walk your life’s path with another person who loves you for all that you are and all that you aren’t.

    When Ayize is not developing creative interventions to more effectively help others he can be found kicking back watching football, catching up on the latest Youtube videos and chilling with his Queen–Aiyana and their 5 beautiful & brilliant children.

    “Relationships work because people make them work. Relationships fail because people make them fail.  Happy relationships permit the pendulum to swing between both success and failure. I teach how to live in this space fully present, free of judgement and full of compassion.  ”