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My Husband Has Issues With Me Getting A Tattoo

Conflict. Differences in opinion….. How do two people respect one another and make room for one another and at the same time make sure that they honor themselves and their feelings?

It’s a delicate dance that must be done deliberately. That’s for sure.

Read the question we received below from this new wife who is trying to honor her husband while also staying true to what’s important to her…..

Hi maat how are you guys I hope well congrats on the new blessing soon to come. Ok my question is  I want to get a tattoo but my husband was not for it when we we’re engaged he told me to get it before we got married so he wouldn’t marry me with one the love that we have for one another is so real that I didn’t get it because we were so in love, so after we got married I begged and begged him for a tattoo he finally said ok he thinks its pointless but if it makes me happy then its fine with him but like I told him that my tattoo have meaning to me that he may not understand, I want to get the sickle cell symbol on the left side of of my upper back because I have sickle cell and I’ve been through a lot having it, then on the other side I want in black ink mom love you my babies RIP for the babies that we lost four sets of angel wings with babies Angels but now I feel like it would hurt my husband for a while I just want to know your thoughts