If you’re a relationship professional who wants to help struggling couples, you’re in the right place! The Real Relationship Experts is a leader in providing relationship resources and support for couples and singles, reaching thousands of couples and singles every month. When you become a professional member of the Real Relationship Experts Professional Network, you will instantly increase your credibility and expand your reach. To receive more information & begin the easy & simple process of joining complete and submit the easy inquiry form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.

Benefits of Professional Membership
  • Publish your profile in the Real Relationship Experts Professional Network to gain access to potential clients who are looking for a relationship professional.
  • Partner with the Real Relationship Experts team to present teleseminars and webinars to couples and singles internationally.
  • Promote your services by providing complimentary consultations to couples and singles who find you through (completely optional)
  • Market to couples and singles members by having your bonus resource (audio, video, or PDF) featured in our programs and events.
  • Share resources: articles, videos, audios, etc. with your audience.
  • Promote your classes, resources and events on websites and social media–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & You Tube. (Subject to administrative approval)
  • Receive discounted advertising on email broadcasts, including newsletters
  • Receive preferential consideration to receive approval to present at Real Relationship Experts workshops, conferences, and events (topic subject to administrative approval).
Make it count for you! We will gladly work with you to customize your plan to reach the Real Relationship Experts audience.