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Relationship Issues? Take Small Steps.

If you’ve got issues that you can’t seem to overcome in your relationship…don’t stand still and twiddle your thumbs. Take small steps. A simple kiss….a few minutes of quality time……a hug…a mid day phone call….all of these can go a long way to moving your relationship forward.
When we’ve reached a rough spot in our relationship we can do 1 of 2 things:
#1 We can bitch and moan and complain, or play dumb or play the victim…(any form of not taking responsibility for your shiznit will do)
#2 We can start moving. We can do this most effectively by taking steps towards our partner. It really is the small things that count. It doesn’t matter if you have everything figured out or not—just demonstrate through your actions that your sweetie pie matters, that you’re paying attention, that you want things to be better!
Small Steps…..that’s all it takes. Trust us. We know. 😉
Stop Playing. Start Pushing.