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Real. Captivating. Stimulating. Transparent. Hilarious. Inspiring.

These are just some of the words used to describe the Ma’at’s once clients have experienced them. Clients who book the Ma’at’s benefit from an inspiring, memorable and motivational experience. Through their pre-program survey, they expertly tailor every keynote to individual clients and particular situations. All of their presentations can accommodate a keynote, workshop or group setting. You can count on the Ma’at’s to deliver moving insight along with practical and realistic solutions in a presentation style that has been described as “proficiency with passion.” Meeting planners consistently get pats on the back for their decision to book them and bring them back time and again.

Success. Stop Playing. Start Pushing.

In this dynamic and inspiring presentation the Ma’at’s share their “couple story” and the challenges they have overcome together to build their relationship, family, and business. Attendees will learn what separates the successful from unsuccessful and the #1 ingredient needed to create the life you want.

Take Aways

  • Learn why a “strong desire” is not enough to be successful.
  • How to “walk with fear” toward your goals.
  • The importance of creating a legacy and why you must define it.
  • Why trials are absolutely required in order to advance you to where you want to be.
  • What it means to be present in your life by using what you have right now.

Love & Dating

The Ma’at’s bring their her extraordinary energy and experience to help audiences take the guesswork out of compatibility and reduce the role of emotions in making relationship decisions. The goal is to help singles and dating couples minimize their risk in dating, increase their confidence in finding the right person, and improve their ability to make better choices when it comes to life partners.


De-bunk the myth of Prince Charming
Take the 3 most critical steps to create a lasting marriage
Recognize disqualifiers before you get involved
Negotiate your differences while savoring your similarities
Write your own “forever” ending—then live it!
Marriage & Commitment

Sex, Intimacy & Connection

One of the #1 enemies to a close, hot, and steamy relationship is the lack of intimacy and connection. Many are craving the kind of closeness that oftentimes only seems possible in the movies. The Ma’at’s will share first hand how their connection and intimacy has deepened over the years and how sex & intimacy can and should be used as medicine for relationships to grow and thrive.

Take Aways:

  • Learn how to talk about sex openly
  • Decrease fear and anxiety
  • Increase loving feelings toward your partner
  • Learn how vulnerability opens the door to true connection

Betrayal & Building Trust

Broken trust and not feeling safe is one of the toughest issues facing couples today. Learning how to accept the change that betrayal brings to a relationship, own one’s part in it, and  ultimately find freedom through forgiveness is a process. The Ma’at’s will show you how.

Take Aways

  • Define the core dynamics of what ownership looks like when restoring broken trust in a committed relationship
  • Understand the critical importance of “attunement” in rebuilding trust.
  • Identify how a betrayal of human connection disrupts an attachment bond.
  • Understand the subtle ways that partners “turn away” rather than “toward” one another as they rebuild trust.
  • Learn to recognize opportunities for utilizingthe “Open Window” technique as a way to capitalize on the possibility of increased connection with one’s partner.


Marriage & Commitment 

Marriage is one of the most underestimated and underrated institutions of our time. It is also one of the most misunderstood. The Ma’at’s bring clarity to what has been proven to be the foundation of any good community–strong marriages. Most of us really want to build strong long lasting marriages where we feel happy, fulfilled, turned on and free to be ourselves. The Ma’at’s use their signature down to earth style to convey just what’s needed to have the kind of marriage that dreams are made of.

Take Aways

  • Learn common mistakes couples make in marriage
  •  Identify relationship needs such as attention, affection, and respect
  • Learn common mistakes couples make in marriage
  •  Strengthen one-ness in spirit, soul and body
  • Resolve painful emotions such as hurt, anger and guilt
  • Leave behind hurts from family- of-origin so you are free to love your spouse
  •  Communicate more honestly and lovingly

Developing Healthy & Effective Relationships

Whether initiating a new love interest, interacting with friends and family, interfacing with a professor, or addressing a prospective employer, young people are confronted with life-changing relationship decisions on a daily basis. The Ma’at’s helps college students and young adults take a look inside themselves to establish critical self-awareness, recognize danger zones, and build a powerful personal presence.

Take Aways:

  • Identify personal qualities most important for understanding self
  • Address relationship killers and fatal flaws
  • Make the most of their learning and mentoring opportunities with professors
  • Understand why some employers don’t like young people
  • Recognize when they’re relationship ready


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