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The Ma’at’s Tell Their 4 Kids They’re Pregnant!

Yup….you read that right. WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!
Can you believe it? For those who have kept up with us you know that we have 4 beautiful children already….all between the ages of 8 and 13. Yup…the last time we had a baby in our house was 8 years ago. So for those parents out there who have kids that are well past the baby stage–you might be able to imagine some of the feelings and emotions we’ve experienced since we learned that we have baby #5 on the way…. We were stunned, surprised, amazed, elated, confused, uncertain and excited all at the same time… (we’ll be doing a vid on that reeeeal soon. 😉 )
Telling our children was so fun and absolutely hilarious… You just have to see it….here’s their reactions to learning that baby # 5 is on the way….