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You Scared Of Love? Are You Olivia Poping It?

Olivia Pope is a Love Avoider. Plain and simple. Classic…..

So, what is a Love Avoider?

A Love Avoider is someone who resists nature’s way. As humans, we are born to connect. A plain and simple fact. Nothing to argue here. But a Love Avoider has walled him/herself off in an effort to negate the need and the desire for human contact on a deep and emotionally intimate level. He/she is more interested in protection and survival than connection and relationship.

Listen in to Ayize’s video as he shares how much Olivia Pope avoids love and they “why” behind it. See yourself anywhere?

And be sure to scroll down a bit after you watch and check out what Love Avoidance looks like behaviorally.

So, what does Love Avoidance look like?

  • Often come across as superficially pleasant, even charismatic;
  • Hyper – Independent. He/she does not seem to need anything from their partner except to be alone. Often rejects the attempts of others to nurture, help or give;
  • Will often come into the relationship as the giver or the caretaker;
  • Seeks the “juice out there.” He/she spends too much time outside of the relationship – working, involved in sports, with friends, projects, keeping busy. Could be having an emotional or sexual affair;
  • Is not present when together. Mono-syllabic. Gives vague answers to questions. Very contained. You can’t really get to know this person beyond a certain level. Feels like a chore to get them to answer questions. Wants to be alone frequently;
  • Hides behind walls of silence or anger with signs of hidden hostility such as eye rolling, sighing, interrupting;
  • Withdraws or leaves early from social events;
  • Has grown more and more distant since the early stages of a relationship;
  • Often emotionally detached;
  • Perceives and complains that being controlled, smothered, suffocated and/or that partner is too needy;
  • Is non-committal. The partner nevers feels like he/she is totally in the relationship;
  • Experiences the relationship as a duty or obligation;
  • Engages in a possible addiction or other self-medicating behaviors.